Easy Lifestyle Changes

Stick with it! Easy lifestyle changes you can maintain

We are constantly reminded of the health benefits of certain lifestyle choices, like getting regular exercise, eating a balanced and heart-healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco. Statistics are reported on the news, health care providers give us advice, and even loved ones share their views. However, the idea of embarking on a full-scale exercise plan or making dramatic dietary changes can be overwhelming, and understandably so, as these changes can represent an enormous adjustment to daily life.

We don’t have to make huge changes to be healthier. In fact, studies suggest that a small shift, as long as we stick to it, can pay substantial health dividends over time. When we successfully maintain one lifestyle change for at least 30 days, we gain the confidence to tackle another goal and then another. It’s this cumulative effect that really serves to promote overall wellness.

Ready to make a change you can stick with? Choose just one healthy activity from our “Stick with It” list. Commit to that activity for 30 days by signing your name to the contract. Stick the list in a prominent place in your home – on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door – as a daily reminder of the promise you've made to improve your health. 

"Stick with It" List

For the next 30 days, I promise to stick with (check one at a time): 

⁏  Adding one 30 minute walk each week.
⁏  Floss daily.
⁏  Taking the salt shaker off the table and seasoning my food with herbs instead.
⁏  Replacing meat or poultry with fish for one meal a week.
⁏  Using a salad plate in place of a dinner plate to reduce portions.
⁏  Filling half my plate with salad or steamed vegetables.
⁏  Substituting water for at least one soda or sugary beverage each day. 
⁏   Incorporating a fresh fruit or vegetable into every meal.
⁏  Ordering an appetizer and salad instead of an entree at a restaurant. 
⁏   Using heart-healthy olive oil or cooking sprays instead of butter or margarine.
⁏  Wearing a pedometer to track my daily steps.
⁏  Reducing my daily time in front of the television or computer by one hour.


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