For Providers

doctor profile Why Banner Network Colorado?

Local Administration: Banner Network Colorado’s leadership and operations are based in Colorado. Our focus is on Colorado physicians and network members.

Size and Scope: Banner Network Colorado serves more than 15,000 covered lives, a number that is growing steadily each year. Value-based care is a central focus for Banner Health and BNC.

Reputation for Quality and Consistency: Banner Health is nationally recognized for consistent quality and a strong medical staff. We also have geographic coverage throughout Northern Colorado. We are a preferred delivery system in the market.

Fiscal Strength and Established Infrastructure: As one of the largest healthcare providers in Colorado, and one of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the country, we have built the financial strength to be able to invest appropriately in the infrastructure that will make value-based care models work, including technology, analytics, case management and more.

Seasoned Experience: Banner Health has successfully managed risk for more than 20 years, including commercials plans, our own Medicare Advantage plan, and our self-insured employee plan. The model may be new to some, but we are well acquainted with the tenets of highly coordinated care. We have a demonstrated history of rewarding physicians for their participation in new models of care.

Opportunity for Influence: We want to be better all the time. Physicians have a strong voice in development and implementation as we work to transform how clinical care is provided in this community through Banner Network Colorado’s physician-led board. 

How can providers participate in Banner Network Colorado?

With all of the discussions around payment reform, Banner Network Colorado provides physicians an opportunity to be aligned with a leading-edge network that has arrangements with a number of payers. Physicians may request to join BNC by completing the Provider Interest Form.