ACO Name and Location

Banner Network Colorado, LLC
7251 W. 4th Street
Greeley, CO 80634


ACO Primary Contact

Nicole Dorsey, ACO Senior Manager
Phone: (602) 418-7175

Organizational Information

ACO Participants ACO Participant in Joint Venture
(Enter Y or N)
Banner Health Physicians Colorado LLC Y
Rocky Mountain Family Physicians Y


ACO Governing Body


Last Name First Name Title/Position Member's Voting Power- Expressed as a percentage or number Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable
Norman Edward President & Physician 0 Community Representative  N/A
Grady Shauna Physician 1 ACO Participant Representative Banner Health Physicians Colorado LLC
Loecke Steven BMG WR Physician Executive 0 Community Representative  N/A
Pfahnl Arnold Physician 1 ACO Participant Representative Banner Health Physicians Colorado LLC
Sunderman Steven Physician 1 ACO Participant Representative Banner Health Physicians Colorado LLC
Mannon Pam Medicare Beneficiary 1 Medicare Beneficiary Representative N/A


Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership 

ACO Executive: Jim Branom, Director - Payor and Provider Relations

Medical Director: Anuja Riles, M.D.

Compliance Official: Brian Lund, BNC Compliance Officer

Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Anuja Riles, M.D.


Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

Compliance Committee - Brian Lund, Chair

Finance & Business Development Committee - Edward Norman, MD, Chair

Credentialing Committee - Edward Norman, MD, Chair

Utilization Review & Quality Management Committee - Anuja Riles, MD, Chair


Types of ACO Participants, or Combinations of Participants, that formed the ACO
  1. ACO professionals in a group practice arrangements
  2. Networks of individual practices of ACO professionals
  3. Partnerships or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals
  4. Hospital employing ACO professionals 


Shared Savings and Losses

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses


Shared Savings Distribution



Quality Performance Results

2018 Quality Performance Results

Our ACO did not participate in Shared Savings Program in the 2018 performance year, therefore this section is not applicable at this time.

For Previous Years’ Financial and Quality Performance Results, please visit

Payment Rule Waivers

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) 3-day Rule Waiver:

No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver, pursuant to 42 CFR 425.612.

Waiver for Payment for Telehealth Services:

No, our ACO clinicians do not provide telehealth services using the flexibilities under 42 CFR 425.612(f) and 42 CFR 425.613